Marco Bravo, Boss Man

Info: Classified

Daisy, HBIC

Info: The one and only 

Gene Supreme, CBO (Chief Bong Officer)

Info: I’m a thirty something Toys R’ Us kid at heart. I have a huge interest in the Cleveland Browns, Ohio State Football really. Beard enthusiast Golf loving, marijuana glass sporting and using kind a dude.

Model Reggielove,

Brand Ambassador Model/Influencer

Bio: I’m proud to be the first local brand ambassador model for this growing company. I have a background in teaching and psychology. Unfortunately, I live with chronic health issues. I’m a medicinal card holder. I enjoy the benefits of vaping. Although, I do believe in whole plant medicine. Hopefully we continue the efforts to legalize this amazing plant, and one of the oldest forms of medicine. Currently, I’m also a brand ambassador for lines across the USA and Europe. I started my modeling journey when I was approached to model on a tattoo website. It has grown from there, which I’m so grateful for. 420Nurses is a fabulous clothing line and group of female models who support the medicinal and cannabis industries. They originated in California, ten years ago. I’m proud to announce that I’m the 420Nurses Chapt Prez in upstate NY.

I have three fur babies. They are all pug mixes. They certainly keep me very busy. I adore my fur babies. I own a modest home in the Upstate, NY area. I’ve lived in the area my entire life. My mother’s parents came straight from Italy. So, was amazing to have an opportunity to visit my relatives still living in Italy. Especially with my Nonnie by my side. It was the best trip I’ve ever taken.

I have a goal of continuing to model, do extra work, and act. I’m in an indie feature film that is still in production and have some experience working as an extra on commercials. I’m also submitting to magazines now, hopefully I will end up in print. In the meantime, I intend to also learn photography. I hope to grow my 420Nurses chapter here locally. My ultimate goal would be to open a retail and high end glass store. If you’re an interested investor, please contact me. @reggielove420 Of course, I would rather be healthy and teaching. I have come to realize it’s not the obstacles we are faced with that defines an individual, but instead how we choose to deal with it that is crucial. I choose to never give up and make the most of things.

Hobbies: Staying lifted and gifted aka using medicinal as needed. Taking care of my fur babies. I enjoy an eclectic array of music. Advocating for the medicinal and the cannabis industry. Collecting @nobleglass and other great glass pieces along the way. Tattoo work and tattoo modeling. I enjoy comedy shows. It’s always a nice treat to be pampered. I’m interested in fashion. I’m always interested in learning new things, and continuously try to improve. I enjoy helping others, and doing charitable work, whenever I can. I’m definitely a hippie at heart. Hopefully we move towards a future of acceptance of each other, a better respect for mother nature, and of course I hope to see Mary Jane helping as many people as possible, and the environment with it’s sustainability. If you’re interested in collaborating or have any questions please reach out. Thank you. Reggielove

Photo credit goes to #evanlauber

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